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Perfectly Imperfect

Perfection is seemingly an honorable goal, but is it achievable? I have not figured this web building, blogging thing out yet. Watching Youtube videos on setting up WordPress and doing endless searches on each individual aspect of setting up a website is not fun. When I was a kid, my oldest brother liked taking one of us younger siblings, throwing us in the creek and yelling “sink or swim”. My fear that I would sink kept me constantly running away from the cold, crystal clear water even though the heat of the summer made me want nothing more than to swim! Blogging has taunted me in much the same way. I made my first blog page and post on June 20th and here it is July 8th and I am still running in fear of imperfection. As Dr. Phil says, “If you are gonna play the what if game, play it all the way through to the end”. So…what if I do something wrong or look uneducated, silly or just plain ignorant? When I know better I will do better! That is the beauty of imperfection. It acts boldly and humbly in its current state and accepts the next level of knowledge with grace and then uses it to become something better. Perfection is a lie hoping to remain undiscovered. Imperfection is beautiful in every moment and leaves room for everyone and anyone to rise to the occasion. It is teachable and pliable and regards everyone with the same respect. Yes, perfection may exist and be achievable, but it is an end. I prefer beginnings. I will embrace the imperfections of this blog and myself and know that it is just another moment in time and as I reach for the next moment it will be even better because that is the nature of imperfection. So I will swim!

My Genesis

I never knew there could be a beginning in the middle.  Here I am 40 years old and starting over.  Yes, there is a back story and it is relevant, but everything in its time.  For now; a moment to take in the fact that I made it here.  I didn’t quit and I didn’t give up.  Divorce is a thief, depression and PTSD are beasts in their own right.  Gossip and whispers in the distance…  Nothing could have prepared me for the highs and lows of my own humanity, yet here I am still standing.  I am blessed.  I found something in the rubble that I didn’t know I was searching for; grace.  My genesis begins with grace.  Amazing grace.  Stay tuned…

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